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    At the elementary school today it is a sports day; all the parents and friends were invited to attend.

    Each class in the school was competing in one or more sports events such as relay races,distance races,ball games,parades,and so on.All the guests had small chairs to sit on at one side of the school field.There were refreshments given and a concession stand available if you wanted to buy ice-cream or candy .everyone cheered and clapped after each event.Special honors were given to individual winners,but all in all,everyone felt great that day.


    Today is the second day of the sports meeting,during morning independent study we will go to the playground.After a while,is the seventh grade 6 3000m game,we gave contained sweet teacher that class of the student refueling,finally,got the first,we are pleased to.A moment to eighth-grade man 3000m game,we'll go to the ChenHao refuel my class,finally ran a fifth,actually is good now,a moment to woman 3000,koryo true enough good,insist on down and got a fourth.

    Finally the teacher also play,although the teacher in charge not tall,but ran up also fast enough.He won at last,We all happy for him.


    last week we had the school sports meet on our school sports ground. All my classmates took active parts in it. Sometimes we watched the sports games closely.Sometimes we gave loud cheers to the sports members.

    John took a part in 1500-metre race. He was the fastest runner in the race and won the first place. Lisa did not do well in high-jump, so we said “come on” to cheer her up. I took part in 200-metre running race. As soon as I heard the starting PANG, I tried my best to run faster than others. As I was running I could hear “Come on! Come on!”from my classmates.This gave me great strenth. Finally I was the first person to get to the finishing line.I was number one.

    As a result, my class won the first prize in the sports meet. How proud we were! It was really an exciting day.


    Last month we had a sports meeting. Though the weather wasn't very fine that day, the students were all very excited and the whole school was alive.

    This time, I was even more excited. Because I went in for the sports meeting and my item was high jump. I didn't want to get any place, I only wanted to enjoy the game because I knew I wasn't good at sports.

    When I got to the field with my friend. I was both excited and nervous. When I saw the first height, my heart could hardly heat. How high it was! It was higher than our desks. I couldn't believe my eyes. This was too high for me to jump over. I wasn't nervous at that timewhile I was a bit afraid. But I had gone there, I must have a try.

    Not long after, the game began. The first person was great. He jumped over easily. I was too surprised to say a word. The second was good, too. The third nearly jumped over, but he wasn't bad…

    It was my turn. I had a deep breath and then ran towards. In front of the pole, I began to jump. Oh, no! My right foot hit the pole. “I failed.” I thought. And then, another unlucky thing happened. I didn't stand firm and I tumbled. I hurt my back badly. At that moment I felt my back was broken. It was too painful. It seemed that the people around field all didn't know that, they only laughed at my foolish posture. After a very short rest, I stood up.

    I push my pain back and then went out of the field with my red face. My friend hurried to come to me. He asked me if this was terrible. I was too pained with my back to answer his questions. I only shook my head. I was sad. Not only I had hurt my back but also I couldn't go on in the game. I had to see the others jump and wish them to get a good place.

    Though I didn't have the whole game. I was still very happy. Because a lot of my classmates tried their best in the game and they got a lot of good places. They were all best in my eyes. I was thankful to them for doing their best for our class.

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